About Us

AMC is an Egyptian shareholding company founded to serve its clients with a wide spectrum of product and services through trade, logistics and waste management services forming an integrated supply chain solutions with particular emphasis on energy & telecom fields.

As a subsidiary of IGS Netherlands (European supply chain Consulting provider) and with its rich network of subsidiaries, agents and business partners.

IGS/AMC is well equipped and uniquely qualified to serves its multinational and governmental clients with regional scope that covers Africa & Middle East.

IGS/AMC is embarking on serving the whole value chain of Supply Chain Management including creating an end to end one stop shop for its clients in a carefully tailored manner that merges consulting with execution in one pot to maximize its value proposition.

Chairman Message

Capitalizing on the previous track record of its shareholders and on the quality network of agents, subsidiaries and business partners, IGS/AMC are well structured and positioned to support its client with a state of the art supply chain solution. Through operating in 3 major business segments; Trade, Logistics and Waste Management, IGS/AM Care aiming to be the company of choice for the major multinational and governmental institution in the region.
Owing to the proper understanding of its client needs, the culture and available services in the region, IGS/AM Care committed to fill in the gap between the multinational expectations and mind set verses the available substandard performance in the region, Specifically during lean economic times, the need for improving efficiency and effectiveness of each operation becomes one of the most valuable competitive advantages. Ensuring that its management possesses the expertise and talent necessary for one of the most critical business needs, we are committed to helping our client archiving their goals and improving their performances.
With the use of our management expertise, properly trained staff, the appropriate use of technology, safety, environmental friendly packed with passionate effort, IGS/AMC shall continue to ensure their customer satisfaction to make what was beyond imagination in this part of the world is readily available.
We highly recognize that business prosperity should not conflict with the environment protection or the welfare of the society, hence, we consider responsibility towards the society and the environment as one of our a major business objectives.


  • We focus on client care not only their needs satisfaction.
  • Honesty and credibility with all stakeholders.
  • Quality is Uncompromised.
  • Safety of people, material, and environment in our target.
  • Loyalty to our client and our staff.
  • Reward hard working and creative ideas.
  • Passion to serve is our driver of success.


To be the company of choice for the integrated supply chain solutions providers within Middle East and Africa


To support our clients with economically appropriate supplies at the targeted quality on a timely manner, enhancing their warehousing and distribution in order to improve our client efficiency


  • Boost up Stakeholders Satisfaction
  • Increase service levels
  • Introduce robust internal control system
  • Lean service and cost optimization
  • Improve inventory turnover