• AGM

AGM is lead acid battery technology stands for “absorbed in glass mats”  which means clearly that battery electrolyte is absorbed in glass mats, as opposed to freely flooding the plates. Very thin glass fibers are woven into a mat to increase surface area enough to hold sufficient electrolyte on the cells for their lifetime.


  • High energy density
  • Fast Charging.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Ability to operate in cyclic application

  • OPzS

OPzS batteries are stand by lead acid flooded batteries with tubular plates, especially designed as battery backup power for all industrial applications which demand low-maintenance as well as average and long discharges.


  • Long Life time up to 20 years
  • Deep Discharge rates up to 80%DoD.
  • Low maintenance
  • OPzV

OPzV is lead acid battery technology  use tubular gel, where silica dust is added to the electrolyte to form a thick putty-like gel.


  • Maintenance  free.
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Deep Discharge battery.
  • Nickel Cadmium

is a type of rechargeable battery using nickel oxide hydroxide and metallic cadmium as electrodes.


  • High battery capacity
  • Deep Discharge
  • Long life time up to 25 years.
  • Fast Chargeable.
  • Lithium Ion

Lithium batteries are batteries that have lithium as an anode , these batteries have many types depending on the chemistry used in fabrication such as NMC (Nickel – manganese- cobalt ) , NCA ( Nickel – cobalt – Aluminum ) …etc


  • Deep Discharge .
  • High energy density
  • maintenance free
  • High temperatures
  • Fast charging
  • Ability to operate in cyclic application
  • Long life time up to 15 years
  • number of cycles up to 6000 cycles